Morning everybody, John Wolf Grass Roots professional landscaping. Today we’re gonna talk about how to keep you and your family safe from ticks were gonna talk about the first part is knowing where the ticks live they live in the woods they live in leaf litter around stonewalls underground cover. 70% of ticks are found 9 feet of the wooded edge they dry up in the sun and are not usually found in sunny areas of the lawn. We want to talk about creating a tick free zone. A tick free zone starts w

Good morning, John Wolf Grass Roots Landscaping here on one of our properties on Candlewood Isle and today not really focusing on landscaping and lawn care. Want to say thanks to everyone who participated with us with the relay for life for raising money for cancer research this past weekend in New Fairfield. It was a great event it was our first time as a company participating in it and man it was fantastic and we wanted to thank everybody who supported us in anyway it was great seeing old fri