Grass Roots Inc. should be your top choice for commercial landscaping in Redding CT.  You can trust your property will be cared for to a high standard with Grass Roots Inc. Our professionals have almost 30 years of industry experience.  With Grass Roots Inc., all of your seasonal landscaping needs will be taken care of. 

Landscaping has the power to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of any building. A well-maintained and well-designed landscape will strengthen the image of your business. It creates an impression that the owner takes great pride in the upkeep of its appearance. Commercial landscaping guarantees a better and beautiful working environment for your clients and employees, which is why Grass Roots is the right choice for your commercial landscaping needs.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Improved Productivity   Many researchers have concluded that employees feel more productive and happier around natural elements. So, a lovely patio and a tranquil outdoor yard can help your employees stay on top of their game. Plus, employees can focus on their work and finish on time when they are healthy and productive.
Enhances Client Spending   An aesthetically pleasing and properly maintained business attracts more clients and entices them to spend on its products and services. Most customers determine the value of business not just by its products but also by its general upkeep.
Eco-Friendly Landscaping   Paying attention to commercial landscaping is taken as a sign that the business cares about the environment. Our commercial landscaping company will assist you in enhancing the natural environment around your building by using eco-friendly elements and native plants to remodel your yard.

Are you ready to add lasting appeal to your commercial property? If so, contact Grass Roots Inc., today. We service Redding and all surrounding towns and cities. Call either one of our convenient locations, either 860-646-6638 or 203-746-6638. Trust your business to the best in the business, Grass Roots Inc.

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