Landscaping for a Great First Impression

In Newtown and the western CT region, call Grass Roots Inc. for reliable, professional landscaping and yard maintenance. Not only will landscaping improve your property's curb appeal, it tells your neighbors and passers by that you take pride in your home.

When you are too busy living your life to manicure your lawn, edge your walkways, trim the shrubs and trees, you need help. The Grass Roots team does all the yard cleanups, the raking, the pruning, the weeding and feeding that your yard requires.  Grass Roots Inc. are experienced landscapers, and can transform your front yard with perennials, annuals, ornamental shrubs and fruit trees. Bring drama and seasonal color to your front yard with gorgeous border gardens and beautiful foliage.

The Grass Roots Inc. team are masters of landscape design including stonework and structural elements. Landscapers are masters of accentuating the attractive and minimizing areas that are not. When you want to improve the appearance of your yard or maintain your lawn, give Grass Roots Inc. a call at 203-746-6638 today.

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