Routine Yard Maintenance

Grass Roots Inc is a landscaping company that offers comprehensive lawn and yard upkeep in western CT. Now that the weather is more mild, the grass, shrubs, and trees are growing again. Autumn is the proper time for pruning, especially fruit and flowering trees. The Grass Roots team can maintain and feed your shrubbery, ornamentals, border plants, and fruit bearing trees.

When you lead a busy life, hire a trusted landscaping contractor to care for your yard.  It has been a wet season and it has been hard to get outside to tackle all the yard work that needs to be done.  The lawn and the dandelions are growing like crazy right now, and Grass Roots can keep it all under control.

If your lawn is in need of a little TLC, call the Landscaping team from Grass Roots Inc. Grass Roots provides a variety of routine lawn services, such as seasonal yard cleanups, lawn thatching, mulching, and mowing. So for any kind of landscaping services, property maintenance and pest control, Grass Roots Inc is western CT's first choice. When you are ready to get moving on your property’s landscape needs, give Grass Roots Inc. a call at 203-746-6638.

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