Landscaping for a Good First Impression

Landscaping your front yard speaks volumes about you,  the property owner. 'You only get one chance to make a good first impression' is an adage that aptly pertains to your home's curb appeal. You wouldn't want an unkempt and bland front yard to keep prospective buyers away from your home for lack of landscaping, would you? Even if you are not planning to sell your home this season, it can't hurt to have your front yard landscaped for curb appeal. When planning to improve the appearance of your front yard, the first consideration is the size and shape of the house and how it relates to the street. The focal point of a front yard landscaping project is your house. The appearance of your home from street level ought to draw the eye in a pleasing way to the front door of the house. The path from the street to the front door should be clear and inviting.


Landscapers create interest with color and groupings of plants. The scale of the plants, trees and shrubs and structures must complement the space. Landscapers are masters of accentuating the attractive and minimizing areas that are not. Just as lighting in a theater evokes a mood, use of color can dramatically affect the appearance of your home from the street. Choice of color is best left in the hands of the designer. This brings us to the appearance of your facade and the entry to the home. If your home's facade looks shabby or tired, a fresh coat of paint will be a big improvement. Before making any drastic changes, though, consult the design team at Grass Roots Inc for a consultation.


When you are considering improving the appearance of your front yard for your own satisfaction or improving your home's curb appeal for an open house prior to a sale, you need the expertise of a professional and experienced team. Call the professional team at Grass Roots Inc at 860-646-6638 today. We serve eastern Connecticut towns of Manchester, Glastonbury, South Windsor CT and surrounding towns.


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