Grass Roots Inc. Snow Removal Services

For reliable commercial snow removal Bethel CT, contact Grass Roots Inc.  As a year-round full service landscaping company serving New Fairfield and western Connecticut, we focus on commercial snow plowing in the winter in western CT.  Seasonal commercial property maintenance includes spring and fall cleanup as well as lawn care, fertilizer, pest and insect repellent.

Grass Roots Inc. has pest control programs that will rid your property of deer, moles, and ticks. If you have nasty mole holes all over the place, call Grass Roots and we will eliminate the problem. We offer seasonal grounds upkeep, storm cleanup, tree pruning, shrub care, fertilizing, pest and insect control and more.

We provide everything you would expect from a full-service landscaping company for commercial property, residential housing, office buildings, shopping complexes, hospitals, churches, malls, industrial parks and private companies. Grass Roots Inc. can do it all! Trust our professionals to tackle any job on your grounds. If you are looking for a reliable snow removal contractor for your commercial Bethel property, call 860-646-6638.