Grass Roots Inc. is a local company offering lawn and grass care in Fairfield CT. Are you taking care of your lawn for the first time? It can be a great feeling, and you may have worked towards this moment. But if you are new to gardening, you need some expert assistance. Here are five top tips for grass care from Grass Roots Inc that will help you keep your garden green most times of the year.

#1. Know Your Soil

If you are new to grass care, you probably don't have i

Are you looking for commercial landscaping services in Fairfield CT? If so, you should call Grass Roots Inc right away. You want a professional company with an experienced crew and the right equipment. An inexperienced landscaper may not have the best techniques to manage your property safely. experience Grass Roots Inc has the know-how and tools that allow them to do better than any amateur could. Contract Grass Roots for your commercial property's landscaping and maintenance r