Tick Control New Fairfield CT

Protect Your Family and Pets with Tick Control New Fairfield CT

Ticks pose a significant threat to the health of your family and pets, especially during the warmer months. At Grass Roots, Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your outdoor spaces safe and enjoyable. With our expert tick control services in New Fairfield CT, you can relax knowing that your loved ones are protected from these harmful pests.

Why Choose Grass Roots, Inc. for Tick Control?

For over 25 years, Grass Roots, Inc. has been dedicated to providing top-notch lawn care services to our community. We take pride in everything we do, whether it's fertilizing your turf or tackling tough tasks like planting over 500 pachysandra in the middle of a scorching summer. Our commitment to excellence starts at the top of our organization and filters down to the newest member of our team.

The Importance of Tick Control

Ticks are more than just a nuisance; they can transmit serious illnesses such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. These diseases can have long-lasting effects on your health, making tick control essential for any outdoor space. With our comprehensive tick control services, you can enjoy your yard without worrying about the dangers posed by these tiny pests.

Our Approach to Tick Control

At Grass Roots, Inc., we believe in taking a proactive approach to tick control. Our experienced technicians will assess your property to identify any areas where ticks may be hiding. We'll then develop a customized treatment plan to target these areas and eliminate ticks at every stage of their life cycle. Whether you need a one-time treatment or ongoing maintenance, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

Safe and Effective Solutions

We understand that the safety of your family and pets is your top priority. That's why we use only the safest and most effective tick control products available. Our treatments are designed to target ticks while minimizing impact on the environment and non-target species. With Grass Roots, Inc., you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected without harming the planet.

Schedule Your Tick Control Service Today

Don't let ticks ruin your outdoor fun. Contact Grass Roots, Inc. today at (203) 746-6638 to schedule your tick control service in New Fairfield CT. With our experienced team and proven solutions, you can enjoy a tick-free yard all season long.