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Landscaping Companies in New Milford

Have you been comparing the best landscaping companies in New Milford CT? Then, we'd like to give you the answer: Grass Roots Inc is number one! Perhaps, you've been searching for


Landscaping Companies in Danbury CT

Have you been comparing the best landscaping companies in Danbury CT? Then, we would like to give you the easy answer: Grass Roots Inc is number one. Perhaps, you've been searching for weeks now trying

Whether you are the owner of a small office space or several commercial properties,it's in your best interest as a business owner to keep your portfolio in good shape. Grass Roots is a full-service landscaping company that specializes in commercial property maintenance in Manchester, CT. The following are some of the services that we offer:

  • Fertilizer services
  • Property maintenance
  • Plowing
  • Mulching
  • Shrub and tree care
  • Mowing

There are numerous options when it comes to commercial property maintenance in Newtown, CT. But what exactly is commercial property upkeep? Essentially, commercial property care is a sort of facility maintenance that helps to keep every aspect of your building in good working order. It's all too tempting to brush off ordinary property maintenance as something that can wait. This can be troublesome later on since structures tend to decay faster than they let on. With time and use, buildings ca

For commercial landscaping New Fairfield CT, look no further than Grass Roots Inc.  Our company has been in the industry for more than 25 years. It is a reputable landscaping company that specializes in landscaping, hardscaping, property maintenance, and a lot more. As a landscaping company, we serve residential and commercial clients in New Fairfield CT and other parts of Connecticut. What sets Grass Roots Inc apart from the rest?

Landscaping - Hardscaping - Grounds Maintenance

When you are looking for commercial landscaping Danbury CT, Grass Roots Inc. makes a reliable partner. are landscaping contractors that improve the appearance of your property in a variety of ways. What are the benefits of professional commercial landscaping?

Enhances Your Property’s Appeal

When you drive past a beautiful garden, it attracts you because of its adorable appearance,

As a landscaping company, Grass Roots Inc. would like to impart winter grass care tips Newtown CT.  Most people assume that snow hurts your grass. But that's not true. Snow is beneficial for your yard in multiple ways. It insulates your grass; however, that doesn't mean your yard doesn't need any care during the colder season. While your lawn may not require as much care as it does during the spring and summer seasons, here are five winter grass care tips to keep your lawn