Lawn Care and Maintenance

For the very best commercial property care services in greater New Fairfield, call Grass Roots Inc. It is always important that your commercial property or grounds make a good first impression. Having a neat and attractive appearance is going to weigh heavily on the perception of your business services. We offer full service grounds keeping, lawn care, tree pruning and more. In the winter months count on us for snow r

Routine Yard Maintenance

Grass Roots Inc is a western CT landscaping and lawn care company that keeps up with seasonal yard work. Your Sherman CT home is in our service area, and we are available to lend a hand. Now that summer is finally here, the grass, shrubs, and trees are growing again. The Grass Roots team can maintain and feed your shrubbery, ornamentals, border plants, and fruit bearing trees. With the arrival of autumn, we turn our attention to prun

Landscaping Makes a Good First Impression

Landscaping for curb appeal makes sense when you want to improve your property's value and appearance. Whether you are fixing up a home to sell or you have just moved in, landscaping makes a personal statement. Call the professionals at Grass Roots Inc. for the best landscape design talent in the Danbury CT area. What does your front yard landscaping say about you? Your front yard's appearance conveys important in

 Landscaping Contractors Western CT

Grass Roots Inc. are full service landscaping contractors serving Ridgefield and western Connecticut towns. We offer property maintenance, landscape design, pruning and planting, yard cleanups, lawn care, lawn mowing, hardscaping and grounds keeping. We can install a beautiful new lawn for you and maintain it for you. Could you use some help with seasonal yard maintenance? When chores like basic lawn dethatching, lawn

Routine Yard Maintenance

Grass Roots Inc is a landscaping company that offers comprehensive lawn and yard upkeep in western CT. Now that the weather is more mild, the grass, shrubs, and trees are growing again. Autumn is the proper time for pruning, especially fruit and flowering trees. The Grass Roots team can maintain and feed your shrubbery, ornamentals, border plants, and fruit bearing trees. When you lead a busy life, hire a trusted landscaping contr

Landscaping for a Great First Impression

In Newtown and the western CT region, call Grass Roots Inc. for reliable, professional landscaping and yard maintenance. Not only will landscaping improve your property's curb appeal, it tells your neighbors and passers by that you take pride in your home. When you are too busy living your life to manicure your lawn, edge your walkways, trim the shrubs and trees, you need help. The Grass Roots team does all the yar

Grass Roots Inc. is the team you want for lawn care and yard maintenance in the Brookfield area. As the leading landscaping contractors serving western CT, Grass Roots Inc. offers a complete menu of property care services. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner,  we manicure your grounds, thatch the lawn, prune your trees, and so much more. You can rely on our team's expertise and professionalism. When it comes to lawn and yard care, Grass Roots service is unmatched. Fro

Year Round Lawn Maintenance and Yard Cleanups

Grass Roots Inc. offer superior lawn and yard maintenance services in Bethel CT and surrounding towns in western CT. An established landscaping company, Grass Roots does it all.  Our professional crew will care for your yard, estate, or commercial property year round. Grass Roots provides routine lawn and turf care, seasonal yard cleanups, lawn thatching, mulching, mowing and more. Whether we maintain and

Snow Removal 

During the winter months Grass Roots Inc offers reliable commercial snow plowing and snow removal in the greater Manchester CT area. We contract with local commercial property owners as well as condominium associations. As full service landscaping contractors we provide year-round maintenance for commercial properties. We offer year-round grounds upkeep, storm cleanup, tree pruning, shrub care, fertiliz