As a landscaping company, Grass Roots Inc. would like to impart winter grass care tips Newtown CT.  Most people assume that snow hurts your grass. But that's not true. Snow is beneficial for your yard in multiple ways. It insulates your grass; however, that doesn't mean your yard doesn't need any care during the colder season. While your lawn may not require as much care as it does during the spring and summer seasons, here are five winter grass care tips to keep your lawn healthy.

1. Aerate Your Lawn Before the First Expected Frost Date

Before the weather We'd like to impart , you are likely to be aware of the first expected frost date. So, just before that date, head out to your yard and aerate it. If you are new to grass care, just know that aerating gives your grass a chance to breathe before it goes dormant.

2. Fertilize

Next, you need to fertilize the lawn, so your grass has enough nutrients to prepare itself adequately for the upcoming winter season.

3. Keep the Grass Clean

Another critical aspect of grass care during winter is to keep it clean as piled-up leaves and weeds can suffocate your lawn.

4. Avoid Heavy Traffic in Your Yard

To keep your grass safe during winter, avoid walking on frosted grass as it is fragile and may get damaged due to heavy traffic.

5. Treat Ice Appropriately

Snow is porous and allows your grass to breathe, so it's likely to remain safe even if your grass is covered with snow. Ice, on the other hand, can be dangerous. Hence, you need to treat ice appropriately, so your grass remains healthy, despite the cold season.

Try out these five winter grass care tips to keep your lawn healthy in Newtown, CT, during the cold weather. If you are new to lawn and garden care, seek professional services from Grass Roots Inc. To learn more about our services, get in touch today: call 203-746-6638

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