As a landscaping company, Grass Roots Inc. would like to impart winter grass care tips Newtown CT.  Most people assume that snow hurts your grass. But that's not true. Snow is beneficial for your yard in multiple ways. It insulates your grass; however, that doesn't mean your yard doesn't need any care during the colder season. While your lawn may not require as much care as it does during the spring and summer seasons, here are five winter grass care tips to keep your lawn

Grass Roots Inc. is a local company offering lawn and grass care in Fairfield CT. Are you taking care of your lawn for the first time? It can be a great feeling, and you may have worked towards this moment. But if you are new to gardening, you need some expert assistance. Here are five top tips for grass care from Grass Roots Inc that will help you keep your garden green most times of the year.

#1. Know Your Soil

If you are new to grass care, you probably don't have i

Year Round Lawn Maintenance and Yard Cleanups

Grass Roots Inc. offers lawn care and yard maintenance services in New Milford CT. Our service area includes towns and cities in western CT. An established landscaping company, Grass Roots does it all.  Our professional crew will care for your yard, estate, or commercial property all year long. Grass Roots provides routine lawn and turf care, storm cleanups, seasonal yard work, lawn thatching, mulching, mowing a

Routine Yard Maintenance

Grass Roots Inc is a western CT landscaping and lawn care company that keeps up with seasonal yard work. Your Sherman CT home is in our service area, and we are available to lend a hand. Now that summer is finally here, the grass, shrubs, and trees are growing again. The Grass Roots team can maintain and feed your shrubbery, ornamentals, border plants, and fruit bearing trees. With the arrival of autumn, we turn our attention to prun

Grass Roots Inc. is the team you want for lawn care and yard maintenance in the Brookfield area. As the leading landscaping contractors serving western CT, Grass Roots Inc. offers a complete menu of property care services. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner,  we manicure your grounds, thatch the lawn, prune your trees, and so much more. You can rely on our team's expertise and professionalism. When it comes to lawn and yard care, Grass Roots service is unmatched. Fro

Routine Lawn Maintenance and Yard Cleanups - Woodbridge CT

Do you need routine lawn care and yard cleanups this season? Grass Roots Inc. is a lawn maintenance contractor serving Woodbridge CT and surrounding towns. How much time do you devote to lawn maintenance in the summer months? Wet weather and sunny days are great for the grass and gardens. Stop mowing, edging, mulching, trimming, planting and weeding... call in the lawn care pros at Grass Roots Inc. Grass Roots Inc. will keep th