Grass Roots Inc. is a local company offering lawn and grass care in Fairfield CT. Are you taking care of your lawn for the first time? It can be a great feeling, and you may have worked towards this moment. But if you are new to gardening, you need some expert assistance. Here are five top tips for grass care from Grass Roots Inc that will help you keep your garden green most times of the year.

#1. Know Your Soil

If you are new to grass care, you probably don't have insight into your soil. Hence, it is best to work with a professional landscaping service provider to learn about your soil's pH, which gives you information about grass care.

#2. Seed Right

Once you know your soil, the next most critical aspect of grass care is seeding your yard. It is important to plan your seeding to match the grass growing season. To find out the best time to grow grass, you need to contact a landscaping expert, such as Grass Roots Inc.

#3. Feed Well

Your grass needs an appropriate supply of nutrients, primarily nitrogen, which keeps the lawn vibrant and green. Based on your soil test, decide how much nitrogen your yard will need. However, make sure you do not overfeed or underfeed your yard.

#4. Manage Water Supply

Apart from nitrogen, adequate grass care also requires managed water supply. If you are new to grass care, you can get in touch with the landscaping professionals at Grass Roots Inc. to learn more about your yard's watering needs.

#5. Mow Based on Grass Height

Most people mow their lawns on certain days of the week. A better alternative for the health of your yard's grass is mowing based on the grass height and growth instead of the days of the week.

Several companies offer residential and commercial landscaping services in Fairfield County, your the most reliable option is Grass Roots Inc. To learn more about our landscaping services, call 203-746-6638.

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