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Choosing A Reliable Landscape Company  Brookfield CT

Choosing a reliable landscape company in Brookfield CT doesn’t have to be difficult. No need to compare landscaping companies, as we have the solution: Grass Roots Inc is number one! Perchance you've been comparing for the last few weeks to compare costs and services of various companies. We understand  the importance of electing a superb business to tend to your property. We'll deliver service that meets the excellence you expect.  Grass Roots has the most competitive prices and services in CT. 

Brookfield CT Residents

According to socio-economic trends in Brookfield CT, less than 13% of residents are renters. That means roughly 87% of residents are responsible for tending to their own yard. Also, a large majority of Brookfield CT residents are over the age of 55. I don't know about you, but many people we know over 55 don't want to spend hours in the sun tending to their yard! Lucky for Brookfield, Grass Roots services that area and does so reliably and efficiently. We have the most competitive rates in the county and your satisfaction is guaranteed. However, why do people in your neighborhood choose us? Below we share a multitude of reasons.

Why Choose Us?

To begin, honesty, dependability and an accommodating mindset sets us apart. These are attributes we pride ourselves in. We'll discuss your landscape goals while listening to your needs. We always provide a no cost consult with revisions based on your goals. Our consultation includes discussing various options based on your conveyed ideas and expectations. This way you'll find the best fit for your vision. Prior to beginning, we prepare for any situation that could arise. Grass Roots prioritizes communication at every turn. In addition to this, our expert team works with you to make any revisions, if needed, based on your desired outcome.

Excellent Communication

Moreover, communication is essential to our relationship with our clients. Prioritization of multiple methods of communication ensures your needs are met in a timely manner. Diverse lines of communication are always in the forefront via phone calls for initial meetings, and varied business-related matters. With the infusion of face-to-face video meetings, we're able to give another layer of communication. When special attention to our clients landscape project needs a visually detailed conversation, we're ready. We provide multiple options for communication between both parties. This gives assurance that we can tend to in-depth and complex situations that may need special attention.

Timely Completion

Lastly, completing projects timely is essential. Grass Roots believes in the integrity of being upfront about the duration your project may entail from the beginning to completion. Our estimation of cost is honest with the upfront price point. We're always realistic about timing your landscape vision. Furthermore, timely completion means considering weather. We let customers know weather conditions may play a role in timestamps. This is a part of our thought process. We will communicate any unforeseen weather events that may cause project delays. 

To conclude, when you want a reliable Landscape Company in Brookfield CT, choosing Grass Roots Inc is the best option! We're here to answer any questions and discuss your project. Give us a call at 203-746-6638 for more information on our products and services.

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