When you need comprehensive landscaping services for your residential or commercial property in Ridgefield CT, contact the experts at Grass Roots Inc. At Grass Roots, we are a full service, year-round landscaping and property management company. We serve all of western and southwestern Connecticut. Our primary goal is providing you, your family, and/or your business with the most detailed, seasonally-appropriate landscaping services in the area. Whether your property is an apartment complex,

Landscaping and Routine Yard Maintenance

Grass Roots Inc is a local company that provides complete grounds maintenance and landscaping Ridgefield CT.  Call us when you need after-storm yard cleanups, lawn care, planting, pruning, mowing, mulching and more. We are the premier contractors for lawn and yard upkeep in western CT. It's summer and the grass, shrubs, and trees are growing again. The Grass Roots team can maintain and feed your shrubbery, ornamental

Make a Good First Impression

Grass Roots Inc. are contractors specializing in landscape design Ridgefield CT.  If you have a new home and your property has never been landscaped, we accept the challenge. The view of your front door from street level makes a first impression about you. Your front yard's appearance tells a lot about how the property has been cared for. If you are planning to sell your house, how would you rate your curb appeal? An unkempt or

 Landscaping Contractors Western CT

Grass Roots Inc. are full service landscaping contractors serving Ridgefield and western Connecticut towns. We offer property maintenance, landscape design, pruning and planting, yard cleanups, lawn care, lawn mowing, hardscaping and grounds keeping. We can install a beautiful new lawn for you and maintain it for you. Could you use some help with seasonal yard maintenance? When chores like basic lawn dethatching, lawn

Property Maintenance and Snow Plowing

Grass Roots Inc. offers local snow removal in our Danbury, Ridgefield, and New Fairfield CT service area. We are well known for our commercial landscaping services in western CT.  You can trust Grass Roots for plowing your parking lots, clearing icy slush and snow from your walkways and sidewalks. We manage residential and commercial property, residential housing, office buildings, and private compani

Routine Lawn Maintenance and Yard Cleanups - Fairfield County

Grass Roots is your premier routine lawn maintenance contractor serving Danbury, Ridgefield, and New Fairfield CT. How much time do you devote to lawn maintenance? Warm weather and sunny days following a very wet spring are great for the grass. Stop mowing, edging, mulching, trimming, planting and weeding...  call in the lawn care pros at Grass Roots Inc.  Grass Roots Inc. will keep the

Landscaping Makes a Good First Impression

What does your front yard landscaping say about you? Is a landscaping deficiency affecting the curb appeal of your home? Your front yard's appearance tells alot about how the property has been cared for.  An unkempt or cluttered front yard may not entice prospective buyers to consider entering your front door. Even if you are not planning to sell your home this season, it can't hurt to have your front yard lands

Full Service Landscaping Company

Every season in western Connecticut brings with it the yard cleanups, the mulching, the lawn mowing, the shrub and flowerbed maintenance - the chores a landscaping contractor does with ease. If the chores like basic lawn dethatching, lawn feeding, weed control, edging, pruning, perennial maintenance and addition if annuals in your border gardens seems daunting, call for help.  If your property needs a little TLC this sea